Coral Costa Caribe Resort and Spa, Dominican Republic

Writing this first review we wanted to take our time and actually reflect on the resort and our time spent there. We did not want to write out of haste, just to have a blog posted. As many of you are aware, this whole blogging thing is new to us. With that being said, here it goes.

We arrived in the Dominican and once again Cheap Caribbean out did themselves. They were waiting on us to arrive and eager to get us to our resort. We stayed in Juan Dolio and the drive to the resort was about 25 minutes…which is a pretty short in our book.

Upon arrival the resort definitely could use some TLC to the exterior, nothing horrible…just not a jaw dropper. I will say this is the first resort that we have stayed that we were not met at the front with a cold drink to greet us…BOO!!! With an older resort, I expected outstanding customer service skills. Maybe we have become spoiled, but it is something that you look forward to…I mean we are on vacation!

I knew we would be unable to check in, since we arrived fairly early in the day and normal check in hours are around 3pm. After a short tour Jamie and I decided to change into our swimwear and check out the beach that got all the rave reviews (basically why we chose this resort).  The beach was gorgeous. No need for water shoes here!! The sand was soft and there was no rocky terrain lurking below the waters. I will say there was quite a bit of seaweed…so if you hate seaweed, you have been warned.

Let’s get to the rooms…our room left a lot to be desired. It had a smell of must at times and the air never seemed to get cold. My mom on the other hand had an updated room, which stayed very cool. They definitely need to update the sleeping quarters and the amenities in the room. Our shower door was off track and you had to actually lift the door to be able to move it. There is no refrigerator in the rooms, unless you pay for an upgrade, and even they are tiny and sit in the middle of the room. Housekeeping did a good job of cleaning the rooms and giving you fresh towels daily.


Food at the resort was a hit or miss, but that is mainly at the buffet. The first day we arrived we had lunch at the buffet. Flies were all over the food, and there was not much to pick from. Most resorts will also bring water to your table once you are seated…NOT HERE! You basically will need to find where they keep the water and serve yourself. Again, I may be a little spoiled. The specialty restaurants on the other hand were spectacular.  My favorite was definitely the Mexican restaurant (Santa Fe Grill), we actually ate there twice. We did try El Fogon on my birthday, they serve traditional Dominican food. We ordered the goat…I loved it, Jamie thought it had too many bones. (He’s afraid to get his hands dirty). I on the other hand just picked it up like ribs…no shame in my game.

Overall this trip was about spending time with my mother and for that I am very thankful. Would I recommend this resort to friends or family?? I would say that depends on what you want in your vacation. If you are staying for the beach, then yes! If you are more concerned about being waited on hand and foot and being treated like a celebrity, NOPE…this is not the resort for you.







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