Sedona, AZ 9/24-9/30/17

Our last night in Sedona, and here I sit in bed working on our blog. I normally wait until I get home so I can collect all my thoughts, but this trip has been so different. I always thought we were beach people and all our blogs would be about the Caribbean, so you can imagine how stunned I am at this particular moment. I was told that you do not come to Sedona just once, and just like you, I thought the same thing…Yeah right!!
Anyone that knows us as a couple, knows our vacation normally consists of lounging on the beach with a drink in our hand. We are by far active people, and this trip took us off the couch to hiking almost daily. Day one we thought we were going to take a little walk and ended up doing a 6.2-mile hike on Cathedral Rock Trail. I am not sure if any you know about Vortices, I sure as heck did not (and when I was told, I thought it was a bunch of crap). I am not sure what happened hiking our first trail, I reached a point where I was literally scared to death, hanging on to the large rock I was sitting on with tears in my eyes. I turned to Jamie and he told me…” You got this!!” He and I both knew if I did not finish the climb, I would hate myself. I mustered up enough courage and started the climb to the top. I reached the next plateau and felt emotionally overwhelmed. I took a seat and immediately started to weep. Not out of fear, or sadness…it’s a feeling I am still unable to explain. I think at this point I realized, we as humans are so small and the world is so BIG!! I reflected a lot on life and relationships…huge eye opener!! I am not trying to be all sappy, but Sedona is a must on the Bucket list. Even if you are not an avid climber, get out and hike the trails. The views are like nothing you have ever seen before. Like I have said before, we are by far great hikers, but here is some of the trails that we enjoyed during our stay in Sedona:
1. Cathedral Rock Trail
2. Doe Mountain Trail
3. Wilson Mountain Trail
4. Pyramid/Scorpion Trail
5. Devils Bridge Trail
I would also recommend booking an excursion with Pink Jeep Tours. We did the Broken Arrow tour. It is a 2-hour tour off-roading tour. Great way to explore and get some really nice pictures. Another tour that I recommend doing is the Sedona Trolley tour; very informational and full of recommendations for visitors. Now for the most important food!! After a day of hiking you will be starving, so here are some places we recommend that you try while in Sedona. Tortas De Fuego is a little place, nothing fancy but good Mexican food. We recommend the chorizo tacos. If you are wanting a burger you must visit Dellepiane. It is a Brazilian burger joint excellent food. I must recommend the Smokin’ Mac & Cheese…talk about delicious!! We also heard great reviews about Mariposa, which is a Latin inspired grill. I was unable to give this restaurant a try but it is on my list for my next visit, along with Dahl and Diluca. I cannot tell you how many times I heard excellent reviews for Dahl and Diluca. We actually had reservations, but due to getting lost on a trail, did not get back in time.
There is so much I want to say about Sedona, but it is one of those places you need to visit in order to experience the true beauty it has to offer. If Sedona is not on your bucket list, you need to add it on there. I am already looking forward to my next trip back to this beautiful place. I miss the red rock and all the gorgeous views. I was told that GOD built the Grand Canyon, but lives in Sedona, maybe that explains all the beauty found there.

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